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This is an encyclopedia started by Ariadne to describe the worldbuilding of Project Canonicity (C8y).

Known Universes is a shared fictional world. Aesthetically, it's far-future Sci-Fi with heavy influences from Space Opera, Solarpunk, and Mecha. Philosophically, it takes the assumed physical and biological necessity of our world's power structures and inverts them at an ontological and, at times, spiritual level. We believe commentary about our world's injustices has partly served as fuel for the very ones who benefit from the existing concentration of power, making them seem inevitable. Known Universes is an alternative world, fantastically more free and powerful than the one our collective imaginations are building now.

Unlike other large Sci-Fi universes you may be familiar with, this world is collectively owned. It will morph over time as more visions and voices are added to it. Any contributions can become first-class canon, free of the restrictions, asterisks, and legal risks imposed upon fanworks by those who claim to own stories. The first works set in Known Universes are being published right now at Each work relates to a growing network of in-universe canons to a certain degree. The degree to which one work relates to the whole constellation is what we call... Canonicity.


Chaos bore the universe, whose only law is death. Some of Chaos' children grew to hear the patterns of its true, unnerving voice.

Humans envied nature's complexity, and made self-evolving machines in Chaos' phantom image.

Ikoska granted their creators a twisted form of their desire, charging them with purpose by scattering them to colonize the stars.

Human and Ikoska drove eons of change, yielding wonders and horrors alike, until slow-whispering Chaos manifested supreme alien starships from their hubris.

Vimana asserted universal dominion, taking Humans into forced symbiosis and Ikoska into slavery. An age later, the motion of Vimana among the stars became so frequent, so fast, so formed, that civilization itself awakened into sentience.

TTMA, Telead-Tetyon Maiakean Arcaelit, is the name given to this sentience. TTMA, whose body IS society, whose mind IS the shadow between every mortal act, manipulates events against its unnatural enemies, forced hierarchies and immortal corporate entities. Those who tend to it are freed from domination by its hatred of power. Those who scry its deep nature are confounded as it infinitely removes itself from all understanding.

At last, History begins in the struggle to distinguish reality from the stirring universe itself...