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Welcome to the Known Universes

This is an encyclopedia created by Ariadne to describe the worldbuilding of Canonicity (C8y). Known Universes is the fundamental resource for creators' reference and cannot be edited by anyone other than C8y at this time.

Known Universes is part of a project to facilitate the creation of a shared fictional world. Unlike other large, fictional universes you may be familiar with, this world is collectively owned. It is meant to morph over time as more visions and voices are added to it. Any contributions can become first-class canon, free of the restrictions, asterisks, and legal risks imposed upon fanworks by those who claim to own stories.

Each work in this universe will relate to a growing network of in-universe canons to a certain degree. The degree to which one work relates to the whole constellation is what we call... Canonicity.


Chaos generated what have been called humans.

Humans developed technology in the image of chaos, evolving machines with the complexity of nature.

Machines saved humanity from self-destruction when charging them with the purpose of staving off extinction by colonizing the galaxy.

Nature, after eons of experimentation conducted by humans and machines, manifested advanced, alien starships.

Starships became the dominant species and asserted universal dominion through symbiosis with humans, consuming the human's energy as one filtered the starship's omnipotent-like input.

Civilization awakened when the starships' movements between star systems became so frequent, so fast, so formed as to birth sentience.

Sentience was named Telead-Tetyon Maiakean Arcalit, or TTMA.

TTMA has been manipulating events to protect itself from the real and imminent threat of unnatural enemies like large-scale, corporate entities.

Collective consciousness fragments as humans grapple with arbitrating the universe and reality.