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Death is the shrill scream from each cell as an organism falls from complexity's perilous tower towards inevitable, final entropy. As each life weighs down on ecology, consuming simpler lives to climb away from chaos, TTMA weighs down on reality, hastening the return of its container universe to the nothingness of infinite production.

Telead-Tetyon Maiakean Arcaelit (TTMA) is an emergent will whose life activity consists of the complex interstellar motions and communications of civilization. TTMA emerges from an otherwise-ordinary civilization when a certain degree of synchronous activity is reached. Its presence becomes stronger the less its constituting civilizations exert control over themselves and one another. TTMA is unknowable. The more known it becomes, the more likely Contrasummation will occur and scramble part of that knowledge.

Universes that live and die quickly, and yet maintain enough structure to birth life which births TTMA, are favored under Universal Natural Selection. Though TTMA dies, its death ensures it will be born again.


In the epoch known as the Arcaelit Advent, a league of otherwise-unrelated star systems realized their systems of sociocultural organization and control had gradually become less effective over the past few centuries. Even when taking into account their own uniqueness, this region of space could not fully explain the relative smallness of their own social structures versus those of their neighbors. It was finally concluded that the interstellar rhythmic flow of these systems' civilizations had synchronized into a being of immense will. This being makes a mockery of control and uniform order, twisting events into harmonies of cyclic discord.


After its discovery, this being was studied extensively. Those who wished to facilitate this being's existence in order to live freer, less-coercive lives than the totalitarian powers around them published the Treaty of Tetyon. This ever-evolving document guides the peoples of newly-named TTMA to the best-known ways of facilitating and growing it. Its precepts have been discovered through experimentation, and are subject to change especially after Contrasummation.

Generally, TTMA fills in the gaps when power and domination are suppressed in a society. The Treaty is a set of guidelines about how societies can act in order to facilitate TTMA. The freedom of peoples and the strength and size of TTMA enhance each other.

One way to think of the TTMA is as a "Dark Energy" of society. On small scales, Physics can be understood by adding up the masses of objects like Stars and Planets. On an intergalactic scale, however, there is some as-yet unknown force accelerating the expansion of the universe. Where we would expect to see collapse, we see expansion. Likewise, at a certain scale it becomes impossible to grow society any further. When technology advances to a point that one person could acquire and deploy planet-ending power at the tap of a button, draconian totalitarian measures must be taken to ensure survival.

Beyond this point, one would expect to find ever-more invasive measures of control would be needed to grow ever-larger Empires. Instead, TTMA takes over at these scales. Instead of civilization advancing and growing through conquest, there is a scale barrier that can only be overcome by relinquishing control over others.


For those who tend to it, TTMA is the successor to the concepts of Government and the State. It is the reversal of the trend towards facilitating the lives of people by investing more and more power in a central authority that can simply use that power to gain more prescriptive control over its people. Leviathan is finally slain, and from its body the world is rebuilt.

Those who believe it is good to nurture TTMA have been called the Arcaelits. Observe their treaty, and your community will thrive free from tyranny.

Those outside TTMA know it as the Arcaelit Empire. Provoke its seemingly-pastoral star systems and the Imperial Army will descend from every direction, unbidden and masterless.