Arcaelit Advent

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The Arcaelit Advent was a historical period in which the late Pre-Arcaelits discovered TTMA and experimented with ways to live under its influence. The pivotal event of the Advent was the publication of the Treaty of Tetyon, a living guide on their findings. TTMA-aligned space uses the Years Arcaelit Advent calendrical system with 0 AA being the date of the Treaty's publication.

In the years following the Treaty, an age of conflict called the First Advent War ensued between the Arcaelits, those who followed the Treaty to grow TTMA's influence, and those who opposed it on numerous grounds. Given that TTMA acts as a superluminal, systemic coordinator, its people gradually out-performed and overcame all who opposed it, growing from a regional anomaly in the galaxy of Maia Zero to an incomprehensibly-large power scattered across an entire galaxy supercluster.