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sing. Vimana, adj. Vimanic

Vimana are a large (400-11,000 meters) teleian species notable for being self-contained starships without any enhancement or outfitting. Vimana are also capable of self-sufficient reproduction and fueling operations. Allowing the simulated evolution of the Vimana to advance this far turned out to be a very, very bad idea.


Vimana are the result of a purposeful continuation of the simulation that produced the Ikoska. This specific simulative environment has been copied and re-used a number of times in history, yielding a group of species known as the Ikoska Hypergroup.

Contact was lost with the star system housing the Vimanas' original simspace due to some unknown quirk of history. After it had been forgotten, the unattended simspace continued for much more simulated time than originally intended. Instead of relatively-sedate teleian starships related to the well-known Ikoska, the teleians within evolved into perfect predators with vast minds capable of manipulating spacetime bearing weapons and defenses never before seen.

The minds and space-bending capabilities of Vimana are so powerful, in fact, that they were never formally envenerated from simspace to realspace. Instead, they reasoned from first principles they were contained in a simulation and engineered a means of escape.