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sing. Human, adj. Human

  • Origin: Autonomous Natural Selection. Some subspecies overtaken by Self-Directed Natural Selection.
  • Environment(s): Human
  • Body Plan: Vertebrate, Tetrapodal, Bipedal, Two-jointed Plantigrade, Single opposable thumb.

Humans are an auto-evolved species who, among other things, were instrumental in the long pre-history of TTMA. They evolved sometime between 1.9 and 2.1 million years Pre-Advent and developed an interplanetary technological civilization. This first Human civilization ended when their usage of Simulated Evolution generated the Ikoska, who overtook their social structures and began to drive Human development. In the ages since, Humans have:

  • Been enslaved by Living Starships who forced them to colonize millions of worlds
  • Witnessed the birth of TTMA, whose will-against-power eventually freed the Known Universes from Vimana domination

And last but not least, humans have evolved bit-by-bit into an almost entirely different species called Veilenes. Veilenes are people formed from literal shards of humanity's deep experiences and drives. They are simultaneously deathless in essence yet mortal in ego. This drastic transformation wasn't without its discontents, and was only partially at-will...